Keeping Children Safe

Before allowing your child independence, you should take steps to ensure his or her safety this is a really useful and important article for parents on how to keep your children safe and how to teach your child correct behavior around strangers. You should show these illustrations to your little one and discuss all the […]

PC Scammers

if you get a call like this from a person claiming they are from Microsoft or your ISP, they are scammers do not believe them all they want is money and access to your computer where they can download malware or viruses

check your email accounts

if you have a yahoo, hotmail or gmail account or a isp using these email providers engines, check your account it may be sending out spam emails by it self i checked my yahoo email the other day and i was suprised that, there was emails sent from my account advertisting viagra which is something […]

indroduction to php security

Introduction PHP has a reputation as having issues with web-site security this report investigates this to see if this statement is justified. This report also looks at other security issues of websites. PHP Security problems. Most security problems to do with PHP are caused by badly designed code and badly managed servers. This is what […]