I became a Christian in about 1986, I was at a Church of England in Dagenham at the time.

After one of the services me and this lady called Edner Hare were talking, I can not remember what we were talking about now. she said

“Would you like to pray to become a Christian”

or words like that, I must have been very surprised about this because I thought I was a Christian, I was brought up in a Christian family, My Dads a vicar (now retired), I even went to Church, but that didn’t make me a Christian, at this I said yes, I must have felt I needed to looking back.

I knew about Jesus I learnt that from going to Sunday school and listening to my dad, but I did not know him personally, also I must have felt that something was missing.

I felt that so we prayed and I ask Jesus to come into my life and he did, and he is helping me with my problems, sometimes I feel very insecure in myself, have low self image of myself and think I can do nothing this is partly to do with I have I have Dyspraxia with cross over Dyslexia

When I was at school they did not know about this condition and they said I was stupid.

God has helped me a lot I was bullied a lot, at school, I was was also bullied in other places after I left School as an adult, this abuse damaged me, my confidence and my self-image. God is now healing me of the damage, pain and hurt, that was done to me, the emotional pain and damage is still there but god is healing me, it sometimes upsets me when I talk about it still but I know, God is faithful to do the job.

He is making me feel good about myself, that I am not stupid, and he has even helped me and gave me the confidence to go through university and get a degree.

It does not matter to God what you have done wrong, God loves you just the same and wants to be friends with you, will you let him into your life just as I did. You matter to God

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