pi-top laptop

have you always wanted to build your own laptop, now here is your chance check out the video below the laptop is powered from a raspberry pi b+, the latest raspberry pi on the market, the laptop comes in kit form with all the parts needs to build your own laptop. the makers say “No […]


Have you always wanted a large touch screen now you can with the TouchPico which Turns Any Surface Into A Touch Screen and at $379 introduction cost $499 retail cost its a fraction of the cost of a dedicated touch screen which could cost 1,000s of dollars, plus you even have a Android pc thrown […]

fake IT Support scam

there are lots of ways you can be conned on the internet, there is a new way, by fake IT support ringing you up claiming to be microsoft or other computer company and claiming something is wrong with your computer, when there is nothing wrong with your computer it is working as it should, watch […]

worlds smallest supercomputer

the computer below is the smallest supercomputer on the market and is called the Jetson TK1 by NVIDIA and at $192 one of the cheapest, the computer was designed graphics processing and parallel processing, it can be used for applications such as robotics and image processing and unlike other supercomputers it is portable so it does […]

3d printed food

if you ever wanted to be willy wonka or if you ever wanted to 3d print food and have $5,000 or $10,000 laying around doing nothing now is your chance, 3D Systems just brought out two 3d food printers Chef Jet and the Chef Jet Pro with this system your can 3d print anything as […]

startrek tricorder

what if doctors in the future can use star trek like tricorder or other technology to help them diagnose illnesses, this sort of technology is not far away, that can talk to smart phones, a number if different sciencetists are working are working on a number of such systems check out the videos below these […]