90s computers and internet

remember those 90s computers how loud they were below is a cool video of the computers bootup sounds to bring back memories in the below video modern day kids react to old computers, its so funny what they say, the computer in the video is a early 80s late 70s computer it is interesting how […]

the power of the internet

the music video below has 105,298,668 hits and was designed to advertise a chatshow on television, prove of the power of the internet Ylvis – The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) [Official music video HD] more about this another prove of the power of the internet, check this out, a fish seller from london […]

the internet by balloon

this is a interesting cool idea by Google, the internet by balloon so that everyone in the world can have access to the internet. the name of the project is, project loon named by Mike Cassidy head of the project, i was just wondering by the name that it was a april fools joke, but […]

check your email accounts

if you have a yahoo, hotmail or gmail account or a isp using these email providers engines, check your account it may be sending out spam emails by it self i checked my yahoo email the other day and i was suprised that, there was emails sent from my account advertisting viagra which is something […]