Mental Health, depression and Suicide

this is a important subject that needs to be addressed, this subject is for everyone and everyone needs to read this to help yourself or someone you know

Rick warren’s brave message about depression and suicide, plus the effects of it

You don’t know what people are going trough, we need to look after people, check up on them and see how they are doing or if they need help.

If you are not going through or have been through something that someone else has (e.g emotional pain, mental illness, bullying, or anything else someone may be going through) don’t say we all go through that if you haven’t , because it maybe harmful for people, just be there for people even if it is just to listen and not give advice sometimes people just want to be heard and get things off their chest

– we all have scars, we all have a history, be careful how you treat people, you don’t know their story, you don’t know what they have gone through, be careful how you treat people you don’t know what is going on in people’s head

– we need to be there for people, check on them see if they are ok, if you know someone that is quite look after them find out how they are doing.

– this is very important, if you need help ask for it, don’t hold back, if you have a problem bothering you, what ever it is i.e bullying, mental health problems ,etc you need to talk about it, don’t keep it to yourself, seek emotional counselling if you need to or talk someone you know and trust, It is ok to be a quite person, whether you are shy person or a introvert be comfortable in who you are, but if you have a problem don’t keep it to yourself.

– if you are feeling suicidal you need to talk to someone seek emotional counselling, or check out the suicide prevention services and charities in your area, suicide does not solve anything, it does not make it better, it is only taking you away from the chance of it getting better.

check out the warning signs that you are becoming depressed

we should never be afraid to talk about mental health issues and suicide they are issues that need to be talked about not brushed under the carpet, we should not alienate people who, suffer from mental health issues but help them, we should talk about Mental health the same as physical health.

Getting help in an emergency if you are feeling suicidal

If you don’t feel you can keep yourself safe right now, seek immediate help.

  • go to any hospital A&E department (sometimes known as the emergency department)
  • call 999 and ask for an ambulance if you can’t get to A&E
  • ask someone else to contact 999 for you or take you to A&E immediately

If you need some support right now, but don’t want to go to A&E, here are some other options for you to try:

contact the Samaritans on freephone 116 123, they’re open 24 hours and are there to listen

Suicidal feelings can range from being preoccupied by abstract thoughts about ending your life, or feeling that people would be better off without you, to thinking about methods of suicide, or making clear plans to take your own life

If you are feeling suicidal, you might be scared or confused by these feelings. But you are not alone. Many people think about suicide at some point in their lifetime.

What does it feel like to be suicidal?

Everyone’s experience of suicidal feelings is unique to them. You might feel unable to cope with the enduring difficult feelings you are experiencing. You may feel less like you want to die and more like you cannot go on living the life you have.

These feelings may build over time or might fluctuate from moment to moment. And it’s common to not understand why you feel this way.

Warning signs to look out for

  • feeling hopeless, like there is no point in living
  • being tearful and overwhelmed by negative thoughts
  • feeling unbearable pain that you can’t imagine ending
  • feeling useless, unwanted or unneeded by others
  • desperate, as if you have no other choice
  • feeling like everyone would be better off without you
  • feeling cut off from your body or physically numb
  • poor sleep with early waking
  • change in appetite, weight gain or loss
  • no desire to take care of yourself, for example neglecting your physical appearance
  • wanting to avoid others
  • self-loathing and low self-esteem
  • urges to self-harm

How long will I feel suicidal?
Suicidal feelings can be overwhelming. How long these feelings last differs for everyone. It is common to feel as if you’ll never be happy or hopeful again. But with support and self-help, the majority of people who have felt suicidal go on to live fulfilling lives. The earlier you let someone know how you’re feeling, the quicker you’ll be able to get support to overcome these feelings. However, it can feel difficult to open up to people. You may want others to understand what you’re going through, but you might feel: Suicidal thoughts aren’t permanent – things do improve. You can find your motivation to live again

more help

Supporting someone who feels suicidal

If there’s something troubling you, then get in touch.

if you need to talk to someone please check out the hotlines above or check out
If you from the UK checkout

or phone 08457 909090

suicide does not solve anything, it does not make it better, it is only taking you away from the chance of it getting better.