90s computers and internet

remember those 90s computers how loud they were below is a cool video of the computers bootup sounds to bring back memories

in the below video modern day kids react to old computers, its so funny what they say, the computer in the video is a early 80s late 70s computer it is interesting how much computer changed in ten years

below a terrible guide to the internet, its amazing how much technology has changed and how we use computers, it also amazing that people take the internet and computers for granted these days and that so many people in the 90s never used the internet or a computer before

then teens react to the guide above, its so funny what they say

as the people in the react videos said, i also wonder what people in the future will think of our technology, I also wonder in the next 20-30 years where technology will take us and what it will look like.

it is also interesting that people these days can use things like computers and other technology without really knowing how the computer and other technology really works, this leads to people scamming you, because people don’t know how they really work, check out the pc scams that are out there all over the internet, a good idea is for people to find out how their computer works not just use it.

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