the internet by balloon

this is a interesting cool idea by Google, the internet by balloon so that everyone in the world can have access to the internet.

the name of the project is, project loon named by Mike Cassidy head of the project, i was just wondering by the name that it was a april fools joke, but no it is real, this is what google say about it

“Many of us think of the Internet as a global community. But two-thirds of the world’s population does not yet have Internet access. Project Loon is a network of balloons travelling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill coverage gaps, and bring people back on-line after disasters.”

here is some videos about the project.

if the project works everyone will have access to the internet and education, which is good, no one should be stopped having education even when there is a shortage of teachers and textbooks in some parts of the world.

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